Tips For Migraine Pain Relief

Having a headache is a real annoyance for some people.  When one comes on it can typically be resolved with some aspirin or other over the counter pain reliever.  However, for a large portion of the population, women unparticular, the onset of migraine’s can be a debilitating experience.  For those suffering from the condition seeking help from a migraine treatment jacksonville fl center or using a home remedy can a welcomed occurrence.

Drink water

One of the main causes of a migraine is dehydration.  When we are dehydrated our bodies begin to shut down.  One of the warning signs and attempts for it to be resolved is to give us pain.  When we drink water, it can help replenish what our bodies are missing.

Drink Caffeine

Caffeine can be a blessing or a trigger.  Many of us will drink a cup of coffee in the morning, have a glass of soda or consume caffeine in another form.  For some people this caffeine intake will help alleviate the headache or migraine, for others it will intensify it.  Try it and see how it affects you.

Wear a headband

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This is an ancient remedy that has its roots back in the old world of medicine.  They say wrapping a headband around your head will help relieve the pressure.  It isn’t known if the pressure from the headband is putting pressure on the blood vessels of the head or if it is a psychological treatment, but many have sworn that it works for them.  Try it for yourself and see how it works.  You may also want to heat the headband or add some lilac oil to the band.  These are just suggestions but have been known to help with stress relief.

Peppermint oil

Similar to lilac peppermint is another great additive you can use for stress relief.  Burning a peppermint candle or just putting a few drops of peppermint oil on your tongue or rubbing it into your temples, can help with the relief of headaches and migraines.